Anal Fisting and You


Nothing says hot fetish sex like anal fisting and nothing says pain like doing that without getting ready for it, too. Make sure you have lots of lubricant before you start sliding a fist into anything as it tends to stretch things out to a painful extreme. Even if you do have lubricant, then you should start out with a finger or two first to make sure it gets nice and worked up without doing any damage. You should also be sure that the other participant doesn’t have any issues with having a fist slid into her ass as well. You could end up with a broken wrist if you push it in without her knowing that you’re planning to do that.

When it comes to anal fisting, safety should be priority one. If you are too fast and too hard, then you will cause problems that you will be asked about intently when you get to the hospital. Some doctors don’t look kindly on things like that and you will probably be looked at as some kind of strange pervert or something by your peers. That can be a very bad way to live out the rest of your life if it gets out that you enjoy fisting things. People around you will suddenly never turn their backs on you just in case you have an urge to fist them, also.

When contemplating anal fisting you should also consider wearing a surgical glove of some kind. They can be picked up at just about any shop and will come in very handy if you know what I mean. You really don’t want to pull your fist out and find that you should have worn a glove first. It’s just good practice and it makes it easier to lubricate your fist for entry. It will also allow you to insert your fist a bit easier as well, and that is always a good thing.

Another anal fisting tip you should keep in mind is that when you get to your elbow you are probably way too far inside. In fact, you should probably stop before you get to your wrist just to be on the safe side. One thing that I have found out is that women don’t usually enjoy being fist fucked, either. It tends to make them quite angry unless they are just super loose back there and are in a particularly kinky mood.

Asian Anal Girls are Small and Tight


Have you ever wanted to have Asian anal before? I think about it all the time but I think I would be a bit worried about hurting the poor girl. All those Asian girls seem to be so small that it might hurt if I started to fuck her in the ass like you see in those videos online. I’m not like huge in the cock department or anything but I would think that if she was as small as they look in those videos that I might actually do a good bit of damage and that wouldn’t be very much fun for either of us.

Not that all Asian anal girls are small though. I guess I could get with one of those Asian girls that are pretty big and that might work out very well. In fact, I could probably find one and have a wonderful sexual experience with her without causing her any pain at all. Maybe I am just thinking too much about hurting her, too. It could be that she wouldn’t be hurt at all and it would just end up being the tightest thing I have ever slid my hard cock into. It may be that I should start thinking that way more often.

If I could find an Asian anal girl that was really into it, then she would be loose enough to be able to take all of my cock and it wouldn’t bother her at all. Of course, in the back of my mind, I would still be thinking that I was going to cause her pain until I heard her say she wanted more or something like that. Maybe it’s just me, but I would think that having something large slid into my little tight ass wouldn’t feel so good and that I would want them to stop as soon as possible. But then, I’m not an Asian girl that is into things like that either and if I were, I might enjoy it very much.

I guess I would have to discuss Asian anal with the girl I was with first and see if she would have an issue with taking all 9 inches of my hard throbbing cock into her ass. If she doesn’t have any problem with it and doesn’t scream for me to stop, then I guess it would be good for both of us. That would mean I have been worrying about all of this for no reason at all.

I Would Love to Film Some Lesbian Anal Action


I am a man, and I sit here thinking about lesbian anal all day long and keep wondering why they are lesbians if they like anal so much. I can get the lesbian thing about wanting to be with other women and the fact that a woman’s mouth probably feels better on a wet pussy than a guys does, but doesn’t anal require the use of something that resembles a cock? Doesn’t that really defeat the purpose of being a lesbian in the first place? I would think that it is kind of like jumbo shrimp, an oxymoron that really doesn’t make any sense to any rational thinking being.

I guess I could be reading too much into it but it seems that lesbian anal is one of those things that normal guys will never quite understand, but will enjoy the hell out of watching any chance they get. It’s like watching two girls kiss. Even if they aren’t naked or lesbians, it’s hot as hell just seeing them kiss each other on the lips. I think that is what the whole anal things is for us guys too. Just knowing that two girls are using dildos on each other’s asses is one of those things that gives us sweet dreams at night and makes us have to change our sheets in the morning.

Maybe lesbian anal is something that you have to be a lesbian to understand. That is just fine with me, as long as there are still lesbians that enjoy doing anal and love to film it so that I can see it. The only thing better would be if they all let me take the pictures and shoot the videos for them. I think I could be a very happy guy if that would happen. I should put that on my list of things to do before I die. If only I knew some lesbian anal queens that would let me take videos of them fucking each other in the ass with a strap on. That would make my day, I can guarantee. I bet that any other guy out there would kill for the chance to be in my shoes if I ever got that opportunity. Yes, I think that there would be a line around the corner of guys wanting to get in on that action even if it was just to hold a light so that I could get a better shot for the video.

My BBW Anal Wife


My wife and I were looking around on the internet the other night and came across a site that was full of bbw anal sex. Now, my wife wasn’t as big as some of those girls on that site but she was really getting turned on by seeing all those hot big women getting nice big cocks slid into their asses. I have to say that seeing her getting turned on was turning me on also and we started talking about what it might be like to try some of that. We have never really been into anal before and were getting more curious by the minute.

All those bbw anal pictures and videos made it seem like the women in them were enjoying themselves highly. We thought we might want to give it a try also. So, we watched a bunch of different videos and decided we were going to try it out nice and slow to see what happened. The first thing we did was get naked, of course, and have a round of foreplay to get her juices flowing, if you know what I mean. We did all of our normal things to begin with, like licking her clit and finger fucking her pussy. She sucked on my cock for a bit, and then we moved into the bbw anal stuff that we saw online.

Now, we were so horny that we decided it would be a great time to go for the anal thing and that is what I did. I got my finger nice and wet in her pussy and started rubbing it around her nice asshole, making sure not to go to fast or push too hard. Those anal videos made it seem like you just throw caution to the wind and start ramming things in. I was certain that my wife wouldn’t go for that, so it was nice and slow to start out with for us. It was going pretty good until we actually got into the anal thing and, with my cock in her ass she decided that it wasn’t something for her. She couldn’t stand how it felt inside her and it was really starting to hurt quite a bit. I guess those bbw anal videos didn’t show you that all those girls practice all the time and it makes them a lot looser than you might think so that they are used to it.

My First Time Anal Was Better Than Yours!


My first time anal experience was probably the worst sexual experience of my life. I have had many instances where sex wasn’t very good or that I messed things up by shooting a bit too fast. Everyone has those things happen at times. But that anal thing will haunt my memories for the rest of my life, waking me up from a dead sleep, a pale white ghost of my former self. Now, I won’t get into all the details on just how bad it was, but I will tell you that I will never EVER do anal again after this. Just the thought of it makes me cringe and want to hide myself in a closet somewhere.

First off, the first time anal was with a girl that I knew very well. We have been going out off and on for years and thought we would give it a try sometime. I wish now that we had never agreed to any of it. In fact, I wish I could go back in time and force myself not to even bring it up with her again. I can’t put into words just how horrifying it was to even attempt what we did. But I have moved forward on this subject, now haven’t I?

Anyway, to make a very long and disturbing story a bit shorter, we were sitting around watching some movies at my place when I decided I would ask her if she had done anal before. I was very interested in my first time anal experience and was kind of hoping that she had done it before so she could explain to me what to do to make it feel the best it could feel. She was very interested in what I was asking and got overly excited when I started to mention anal with her. I thought this was a very good reaction so I kept going with it.

Now, I won’t go into great detail here but her idea for my first time anal wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. In fact, if I had known what her idea was before it happened we probably wouldn’t have discussed it any further. Needless to say, my first time will be my last and there is no way in hell I will EVER trust another girl behind me with anything that even resembles a strap on or dildo of any kind and that does include fruit and veggies too!

The Producer, My lover, Me and Anal Porn


Anal porn: Who ever thought that there would be so much pleasure in a painful act? My lover and I talked about this for months and finally decided that today was the day for us to try something new. We had never done this before, so we were both questioning ourselves, but the eagerness seemed to outweigh the fear and hesitation. The time was about 11:23pm, the lights were lit perfectly, highlighting and accenting all of our very sexy flattering body parts, the music was playing and the phone call was made.

“ACTION” yelled the camera man standing at the foot of our antique Victorian carved king size bed. Yes, we finally decided to do our first anal porn. We were familiar with the camera man and his work, so we trusted every decision that he made for us. Since we had never tried anal sex before, he wanted to make a film on a first anal experience. We knew that we wanted something unforgettable and this was going to be it!

Since red is a very sexy color on film, I wore a very seductive red lace and satin bra with matching thong, black fishnets and 10 inch red latex strappy heels. I must admit, I was feeling very slutty, and I knew that I could play the role like an award winning actress. He wore a sexy black pair of satin boxers, which actually seem custom made for him; they gently covered his ass cheeks almost perfectly.

There were just three of us in the room, me, my lover and the cameraman. As he took difficult angles and shots of us, I found just what I needed to help spice things up. The cameraman followed my hands, I held up my first ever strap on! YES, this anal porn moment was for my lover! He always wanted to try it and his wish came true! The producer suggested that I lubricate his asshole with my tongue. So, I turned around spread his butt cheeks as far as the east is from the west, and gave him the licking of a lifetime. His moans filled and shook the room, biting and grabbing the goose-down pillow! I knew that he was ready for the mighty stick! Before I shoved it in his ass, I told him to “kiss the stick you fucking slut”! “With honors”, his muffled voice said. Oh yes, he was enjoying his anal porn moment.

“CUT” yelled the director, he turned off his camera, changed the tape, gave the camera to my lover, looked at me and said, “It’s my turn now to kiss the stick”!

I’ll Have More Anal Creampie, Please


I’m not exactly a novice to things of a sexual nature but the first time I ever heard the term anal creampie I was imagining someone sitting on a cream pie and then having sex. Maybe it was supposed to be some kind of erotic lubricant that I wasn’t aware of or something. I really had no idea what it all meant until I met my wife. Then, I found out exactly what it was and after doing it a couple of times became extremely bored with the whole idea. Not only was it nothing exciting, it was actually kind of gross in my opinion so we stopped doing it.

Now, anal creampie is the act of cumming in your partner’s ass and letting it seep out enough so that it runs down. Yeah, cumming in her ass was kind of hot, but the rest of it was just something I really didn’t want to see or even know about really. It isn’t that I don’t enjoy looking at her pussy as my cum runs out of it but for some reason it always made me think she was sick with some exotic disease watching it run out of her ass. That was something I didn’t want to be witness to.

The first time we did anal creampie together I thought it was kind of hot but it just seemed odd me sitting there watching it run out. I was already finished and really thought she should just go ahead and hobble off to the bathroom and take care of it. Besides, I have a tendency to cum A LOT and having to wipe it all off the sheets was something I didn’t really want to look forward to. Thankfully, she did go off before it made its course down to our sheets and I didn’t have to clean anything up.

Now, I’m not one of these guys that thinks anal creampie is disgusting or anything, but I don’t think we will ever be doing it again. If I wanted to watch something like that I can go online and visit one of those sites that have all the videos of it and that would be just fine with me. If you are into it then I say more power to you and I hope you enjoy it. I just can’t seem to find the pleasure in seeing something like that at all.

Easy Does It With Teen Anal


You might be all up into the anal thing but you have to understand that teen anal is by far the best you can ever try. Those girls really know how to take a nice hard cock up their asses and make it feel good for both of you. Not only are they exceptionally tight, but they know how to do things with their ass that most women couldn’t even imagine. Just thinking about how tight they are can make a grown man cry and shoot his load before he even gets his pants off. Now, that is some good anal to be thinking about.

One thing you really have to know is that any teen anal you might think about getting should be nice and worked up before you get in there. Make sure that she is good and ready for your massive cock because you don’t want to hurt her by just ramming it in nice and deep. In fact, that goes for ANY anal you might be after and not just teen. It is, after all, a known fact that there isn’t any sensation once you get inside and being rough and forceful won’t make it feel any better for either one of you. Take your time and do things right. You will be surprised at how great it can be for you.

You should also make sure that if you are thinking about teen anal, that the girl you are with is open for that. She might be a bit surprised if you start going at it and she isn’t into anal at all. Actually, you might be surprised when she screams NO and then leaves you sitting there with your cock in your hand. We all know that isn’t a very fun night if you had a girl and she leaves you before you have had your fun. That can actually be even worse for your self esteem than premature ejaculation. Any guys who have had THAT particular little problem can back me up on that.

So think long and hard about what your teen anal experience will mean to both of you and make sure that you have discussed it thoroughly before you just start ramming places that might not want to be rammed that night. You will be surprised and very happy if you talk about it before hand and not make the same mistakes that thousands of other men have made throughout the years.

First Anal Tips for You


There is always a first for things and having your first anal experience is one that should not be taken lightly. There are a lot of things that can go wrong if you are not prepared for it and when they do go wrong, it can be life changing to say the least. Of course, if you take the time to do it right it can be an eye opening experience and you will more than likely highly enjoy it. First thing you have to understand is that it isn’t for everyone and not all people enjoy it.

When you get to where you are ready to try your first anal experience you should probably discuss in length what it is you are expecting and what your partner is expecting from it. It’s always good to be able to discuss things like this and having that open communication with your partner is very important when it comes to something like anal experimentation. You should be able to sit down and go over every aspect of what is going to happen so that there is no misunderstanding between the two of you and you are both fully aware of what to expect.

The next thing to prepare for your first anal experience is that you have plenty of lubricant handy. There is nothing worse than trying to do anal for the first time and not having any or enough lubricant with you. Nothing says pain more than having something forcibly slid into your ass that is dry. It’s enough to make a grown man cry and I am sure that plenty have, even if they are the ones trying to slide their cocks into an ass that isn’t lubed well enough. Not only will it be painful for the woman it is sliding into but it has a tendency to pull on the skin of the male also.

When you first set out for your first anal moment you should know that lots and lots of foreplay is needed to make the female you are with “loosen” up enough. You don’t want to just throw her down and ram it in as you could not only cause damage to her but to you as well. It’s not always like you see in the porn movies. Porn movies have hours of stuff they don’t film where the woman is getting ready for the anal scene and you should keep that in mind. YOUR scene will be REAL, not fantasy.

Let’s Do Some Anal Fucking


I just love anal fucking and I don’t really care which one of us is getting it either. Slide a nice big hard dildo in my ass and I will cum all over the place. Let me slide my cock in your ass, male or female, and I can make sure that you are going to be doing the cumming for me. I know it’s not something that you hear a lot of guys saying but I just love it and can’t seem to get enough of it. In fact, I think more guys should try it out on themselves more often just to see what it feels like.

I think the best thing about anal fucking is the feeling of it first sliding in. That goes for either position as well. I love the feel of it when I first slide into a nice tight little asshole and I love it when it pops into mine. If there was a way for me to be able to do it I would slide my own cock into my own ass and sit there all day long without a single care in the world. I guess that would make me some kind of pervert to most people but I don’t care at all.

Anytime you get the chance for anal fucking you should jump on it and make sure that you get to have some fun with it also. Don’t get tied up with those chicks that will never let you go for the anal or the ones that think anal is only for them. Find you a girl who likes fucking your ass as much as you like to fuck her ass and you will find that your sexual relationship hits new highs that not everybody can get with just normal fucking. And if you are lucky she will let you use her strap on so that you can fuck her pussy and ass at the same time!

Just make sure that when you are getting ready for anal fucking that you can both agree on who is gonna be getting it first. I have had many break-up fights over the fact that I wanted it first and she wouldn’t be nice enough to let me have it. I just think that after all the foreplay I give her that the least should could do is fuck my ass first!